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  • I would like to purchase Jason Makki Products, is there any Jason Makki Store in my country?
    You can purchase our products in our online store only. We deliver worldwide and items are shipped from Germany to your country. For any other questions email us at
  • Does Jason Makki have a salon branch in India?
    Jason Makki Salon is currently located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We are looking forward to expanding a salon branch in India and other countries in the near future.
  • Can I walk in at the salon?
    Mr. Jason Makki can only accommodate limited clients per day. He is very hands on and detailed to ensure the quality service his clients deserve. We are STRICTLY BY APPOINTMENT. Salon location is in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. You may book your appointment here:
  • What is Keratin Treatment?
    Keratin Treatment is popularly known for making the hair soft, smooth, shiny and straight. The process includes hair cleansing, hair protein application and hair ironing. The duration of the treatment is from 2 hours up to 4 hours, typically depends on the length, texture, density and type of the hair . The result of the treatment lasts up to 6 months and needs to retouch the regrowth hair every 2 months depending on how fast the hair grows. Not everybody knows that aside from the straightening effect, Keratin Treatment is actually a process of replenishing the lost natural keratin in the hair. Keratin protein can be found naturally in our hair, skin and nails. As we grow older, the natural keratin in our body depletes causing our skin to look dry & dull and our hair becomes brittle, lifeless, frizzy & tangled. There are also many other factors like frequent exposure to hot hairstyling tools, extreme hot climate, environment, deficiencies, poor hygiene, etc. When deciding for the keratin treatment it is inevitable to know the quality of the product being applied to your hair. Formaldehyde-Keratin Products are harmful to your body and can cause serious effects to your respiratory & nervous system. This has to be discussed with your Hairstylist to ensure that the keratin products are made of good practices and does not contain toxic chemicals. Jason Makki Keratin Treatment Products are cruelty free and are made of hydrolyzed wheat protein containing high profile of amino acids which penetrates deeply to the hair shafts, mimics the role of the lost keratin and strengthens the bonds of the hair. The result of using Jason Makki Keratin Treatment Products will help to achieve soft, smooth, healthy and straight hair. It also guaranteed to add nourishment, moisture and repair your damaged dry hair. Visit to purchase and find out more about Jason Makki Keratin Products.
  • Where is Jason Makki Salon located?
    Jason Makki Salon is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. For more information visit the link below:
  • How much is Jason Makki's Keratin Treatment?
    Jason Makki salon provides variety of hair services in Dubai, UAE. Check this link for the price-list:
  • How much does Keratin Treatment cost in Dubai?
    Keratin Treatment price varies depending on the quality of the products, hair length & density and especially the expertise of the hair stylist. Short to Medium Hair - 525 Dhs Duration of the treatment will be 1.30 hrs to 2.30 hrs Long hair - 999 Dhs Duration of the treatment will be 2.30 hrs to 4 hrs Keratin Treatment will be done by the best barber in Dubai, Mr. Jason Makki who has done more than 5,000+ Keratin treatments and is in demand for men's grooming services. Mr. Jason Makki is also a top rated barber in Dubai with over 500+reviews in Google. Jason Makki Salon is using premium quality keratin treatment products with no side effects. No need to wait for 3 days to wash the hair. Hair will be washed in the salon and show the final result right away.
  • Do you deliver products to my country?
    Yes, we deliver our products worldwide. Products will be shipped to you from Germany. Please add your products to the cart and do the checkout. You'll see the cost of delivery at the end of the checkout.
  • How much is Jason Makki's haircut?
    Jason Makki salon provides variety of hair services in Dubai, UAE. Check this link for the price-list:
  • Who is Jason Makki?
    Jason Makki is a well-known YouTuber with 3.3 Million subscribers (Instagram & Facebook) and a professional hair stylist and barber with more than 20+ years of experience. He educates his fans online with his hair expertise and meets his clients personally in Dubai. After many years of being in the field of Hairstyling, he identified the most common hair dilemmas that the majority of people deal with every single day. That's when he decided to film and educated people by sharing his hair ideas then later on came up with his hair care lines which targets to resolve hair dilemma. He aimed for the right hair products and made sure that the ingredients are of high quality, vegan and risk free. Also, He provide grooming services in Dubai occasionally to his social media influencers, celebrities and vip clients by booking appointment in advance.
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