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Jason Makki Keratin Treatment Process

Step 1, wash hair with clarifying shampoo; this will enable the opening of the cuticles.

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Blow-dry and brush your hair with medium heat until it is scorched. You will notice it's hard to comb, and that is normal (it shows you the clarifying shampoo was effective)


Separate hair into three sections Left, Right, and Back.

Start applying the First Keratin Application from the bottom of the Back section, about half (almost close to the scalp) centimeter from the root, then use a fine comb spreading the product evenly to the tips of your hair to verify that the hair is evenly saturated.


Note: You must apply the cream properly before proceeding to the next step. Then, a fine-toothed comb removes the excess solution from the hair after 15 minutes.

Leave the solution on the hair for 30 minutes. 


Blows-dry the hair 100% using medium heat. You may use a brush to make it easier for the next step of flat ironing, where you need to use small groups of hair; straight, detangled hair makes it better and more accessible. 


It's straightforward. Use a flat iron at 435-450°F (about 220-232°C) to straighten the hair with a Heat resistance comb. Starting at the nape, move the iron slowly from the scalp to the hair ends. Ensure the lots are smooth and straight. Go over the same section several times until there are almost no fumes (it may take 7-12 times depending on the kind, condition of hair, and part of the head), sealing the keratin into the cuticle. Please do not overdo it since you can burn the hair using your senses.


Step 2, Start applying the Second Keratin Application from the bottom of the Back section to the top by using a fine comb and spreading the product evenly to the tips of your hair to verify that the hair is evenly saturated and to remove excess product.


Leave the solution on the hair for 10 minutes, then rinse it well and blow-dry it. Then You are done with the process.


Enjoy your healthy, shiny natural straight hair. rinse your

To maintain the Keratin results, Jason Makki recommends you use our Daily hair Care package: It comes with vegan Keratin Shampoo and keratin Conditioner, including our best seller of the year, Jason Makki Keratin Mask.

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daily hair care for men and women hair. It's a combination of Jason Makki Keratin shampoo and conditioner for daily basis.


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