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Keratin Treatment Tutorial - The Ultimate Solution to Frizzy and Curly Hair.

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Are you spending hours every day trying to fix your unmanageable, frizzy, and curly hair?

In this post, you will learn about eight reasons why go for Jason Makki Hair keratin Treatment. This is our website's first blog, written by Jason Makki - A professional Hair Stylist & YouTuber with over 72,000 happy clients.

What is Keratin?

Keratin is a fibrous structural protein found in hair, skin, nails, and some internal organs. Keratin performs the vital function of forming a protective layer outside the skin and hair. This protein makes up about more than 80% of human hair. Keratin protein provides hair with proper nutrition, helping strengthen the hair follicles and preventing it from breakage.

How Does Keratin Help in Making Hair Straight & Manageable?

The process restores the damaged hair, getting rid of frizz and dryness. The protein keratin enhances hair thickness and strength. Keratin Treatment enriches hair quality, giving it a smooth & shiny texture. This procedure straightens the hair; however, the products and processes involved differ from a mere hair straightening treatment. Hair Keratin Treatment, in contrast to a straightening procedure, leaves hair with a more natural look.

Watch the following video to learn the complete Hair Keratin Treatment procedure.

Here are the eight reasons you should go for Hair Keratin Treatment

1. Safe on Scalp

Hair Keratin Treatment is safe if done at the right salon. We at Jason Makki Salon ensure that your hair gets a natural look without any side effects.

2. Suitable for all Hair Types

Whether you have curly, wavy, or straight hair does not matter. Keratin Treatment is ideal for all hair types.

3. Suitable for Men & Women

Hair Keratin Treatment is suitable for both - men & women.

4. It Makes Your Hair Easier to Style

Keratin Treatment eliminates frizz, making the styling of your hair a hassle-free process. Having manageable hair means saving significant time in your daily hair care routine.

5. Eliminates the Curls

Are you tired of managing and maintaining those curls? Hair Keratin Treatment straightens out all the curls, leaving you with only easy-to-manage straight hair with a natural look.

6. Adds Volume to Your Hair

Keratin Protein is absorbed by the hair cuticle, which is the outermost part of the hair shaft. Thus, Hair Keratin Treatment nourishes the hair, giving it a fuller, thicker look.

7. Enhances Your Hair Gloss & Shine

Keratin protein puts an end to the dullness of your hair with vital nourishment. After all, having shiny, glossy hair is the ultimate goal of a hair care routine.

8. Say Bye to Split Ends and Damage

Keratin protein forms a protective layer around the hair, making it less vulnerable to split ends and damage. This protective layer lasts as long as the results do, safeguarding your hair for the long term.

Check out the following Hair Keratin Treatment transformation by Jason Makki.

How Long Do the Results of Hair Keratin Treatment last?

The results of treatment can vary from person to person. The duration of effects largely depends on what products are used and how they are used. Hair Keratin Treatment is often sought as a long-term solution to repair and straighten damaged and curly hair. Regrown hair needs to be retouched every two months. Therefore, we suggest redoing the process every 2 to 3 months. The effect may vary and might last up to 4 months.

To realize your dream of the perfect Hair Keratin Treatment, it is highly recommended to get it done by an expert hairstylist. We at Jason Makki Salon have been doing Hair Keratin Treatment for the past five years and thus have expertise in handling and treating all hair types. Our results of the Hair Keratin Treatment surpass the customers' expectations. With experience in the hairstyling industry for over 20 years and have provided our services to over 70 thousand satisfied customers, your hair is in the right hands.

We would happily have you at our salon to experience the best-in-class Hair Keratin Treatment. Book your appointment in advance with Mr. Jason Makki in Dubai.

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Shahbaz Ashraf
Shahbaz Ashraf
Mar 08, 2021

What is this keratin cream can I find here in Pakistan for use


Which keratin cream do you use for treatment? Is keune cream is best for treatment? Let me know. Thanks.

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